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Maple Grove Middle - School Community Council 2023-2024

The School Community Council meets monthly on the third Tuesday at 3:15 in the Maple Grove Middle School Conference Room to discuss the use of school Trust Land money, school building needs, school improvement plans, and any school-level policies that affect the students at Maple Grove.  Members of the council serve two-year seats that are filled by election. The council is made up of parents, teachers and administrators. 

Teacher and Student Success Act and Trust Lands Plan Budget Summaries 2022-2023

Teacher and Student Success Act and Trust Lands Plan Budget Summaries 2021-2022 

MGMS School Community Council Members




Patrick BennettParentpatrick [at] hfmc.usYear 2

Carrie White


careysue1985 [at]

Year 1

David J. Smith


davidj_smith [at]

Year 1

Nathan Mohler


nathan.mohler [at]

Year 1
Mindy JohnsonParentmindyleejohnson [at] gmail.comYear 1

Jeri Thompson

School Emploiyee

jeri.thompson [at]

Year 2

Jordan Faucett

School Employee

jordan.faucett [at]

Year 1

Kate Elliott


kate.elliott [at]


Nate Whitney


nate.whitney [at]


Proposed Meeting Schedule 2023-2024



Purpose/Agenda Items

September 19, 2023

3:15 MGMS Conference 

Introduction, Training, Election of Chair and Vice-Chair, Trust Land and TSSA Plan Review

October 17, 2023

3:15 MGMS Conference

School Safety and Digitial Citzenship Plan, Review of School Achievement Data

October 25, 20234:00 Springville High SchoolSuperintendent School Community Council Meeting

November 21, 2023

3:15 MGMS Conference 

Positive Behavior Intervention Plan

January 16, 2024

3:15 MGMS Conference 

TSSA Plan Review - Current Plan Create next year's plan

February 20, 2024

3:15 MGMS Conference 

Finalization of Trustland Report

March 21, 2024

3:15 MGMS Conference

Safe Walking Plan

April 23, 2024

3:15 MGMS Conference 

Council Celebration - Election discussion


Agenda and Minutes

March 19, 2024 Agenda/Minutes/Wellness Discussion
February 20, 2024 Agenda/Minutes
November 21, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
October 17, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
September 19, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
April 18, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
March 21, 2023 Agenda/Minutes/Wellness Discussion
February 21, 2023 Agenda/Minutes
January 17, 2023 Agenda/ Minutes
November 17, 2022 Agenda /Minutes
October 18, 2022 Agenda/ Minutes
September 20, 2022  Agenda/ Minutes
March 15, 2022 Agenda/Minutes
February 15, 2022 Agenda/Minutes
January 18, 2022 Agenda/Minutes
November 22, 2021 Agenda/Minutes
October 18, 2021 Agenda/Miinutes

MGMS Rules of Order 2023-2024

Parent Participation and Election Form